Play Music! Play Ball!

The Baseball Boogie Band is a songwriting and live performance team with one glorious mission:  to create music to celebrate the tradition, atmosphere, and spirit of the classic game that we call Baseball.  Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, the Baseball Boogie Band writes and performs music meant for winding up, spectating, bat-swinging, 7th inning singing, cheering, booing, bantering, ball tossing, and capturing that special something that makes baseball a one of kind sporting experience.  A performance by the Baseball Boogie Band is filled with funky melodies, grand slamming beats, and colorful lyrics that capture many angles of America's Pastime.  This is a team that crafts baseball music.  And their words paint episodes of the game that make it the one-of-a-kind experience that it is:  the walk off home run; the 7th inning stretch; the break for a hot dog; the first day of spring; the thrill of the big hit; the pilgrimage to Cooperstown; the agony of defeat; the laid back July game; the blood thirsty fall game; and of course, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” 

The Baseball Boogie Band is an unforgettable way to wind up to the big game or to simply enjoy a goofy and fun filled summer day.  Perfect for ballparks, sports bars, baseball gatherings, summer festivals, and many other occasions, the Baseball Boogie Band is on deck and ready to play.

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